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Frequently asked question


80% of crashes can be resolved by updating your Android version to the latest. To do that go to your phone settings and select Software update menu.

  • Can I Sell my Items?


This is not possible at the time.



  • How Do I Remove Messages From My Inbox?


This is not possible in this version.



  • How Do I Remove Looks I Have Created From My History?


It is not possible to remove looks that you've previously created from your profile?



  • Where Is My Wardrobe?


Your Wardrobe is inside the Profile tab under the Wardrobe button.



  • How Do I Vote?



Go to the challenges tab, tap the „Get Job” section on the top right corner, scroll down and select „Fashion critique”. Here you can vote on others people's looks and receive rewards.


  • How do I earn Fashion Coins, Silver, and Gold?



Fashion Coins are used for purchasing in-game items and clothes. You can earn them by playing challenges.


Silver is used for starting challenges. You can earn silver in the „Get Job” section. There you can choose from three job options we are offering for u to earn Silver.


Gold is used for buying Ads-free pack, to start the highest tier of competition, and to Exchange for dollars and silver. Gold is premium and it is only available thru google payment. You can not buy any „Pay To Win” options in our game with gold or any other currency.

How do I play Fashion cat?

It is very easy and user friendly to play Fashion Cat. You just need to select one of our challenges, dress up and submit your look. Easy as that! If you need more silver to start new challenges, go to the „Get Job” section under challenges and earn more silver.



  • Fashion cat is not starting what can I do?


There are two main reasons the game is not working properly.


1.) Make sure your Android or IOS version is up to date!


2.) Follow the „clear cache” procedure.


Follow these steps for clearing the game's cache in your device settings:

1. Press your device's Home button.

2. Press your device's Menu button.

3. Tap Settings (or System Settings).

4. Tap Application Manager (or Apps).

5. Scroll to find Fashion Cat, then tap the app Icon.

6. Tap Force Stop.

7. Tap Clear Cache.



3.) If the problem still persists try logging in later, since there is a possibility we are updating a game.


  • What is durability?

Durability is the number of times that you can wear some items. That means if durability is 5 you will be able to wear that item in 5 challenges.


  • What is the difference between story and style?

STYLE is a challenge where you select a scenario in which you would like to style your look. Once you enter the Style challenge, select your outfit and submit your look to the competition. you will be paired in a 1vs1 match with a random player also playing this challenge. Your look will then be presented to real-life players to vote on your style vs random player.


STORY is Similar to Style challenge, but more hardcore, Story is a „Tournament of Fashion”. Follow a storyline and dress accordingly to 3 challenges. You will need to win 3 rounds in 1vs1 matches to become a true Fashion Cat. Winning a story is much harder and it brings better rewards. Do you think you can win a Fashion tournament? Give it a try.


  • What are Challange Tiers?

Challenge Tiers are a way for u to enter challenges where rewards are bigger. So in short you can pay more silver to enter a higher tier of challenge where rewards for your win are bigger. So u can earn more per challenge if you want to progress faster? Try different Challenge tiers.



  • How do you score looks?

Looks you and other players submit is sent to the voting pool. After your look is graded by other players you will be rewarded according to your score and tier of competition you have entered.



  • What is voting?

Voting is a way to rank looks that players submit. So real people will be asked to vote on your look vs other player's look.



  • What is Get job?

"Get Job" is a place where you can earn Silver by playing different challenges. You have five options.


1.) Ad Specialist – watch reward ads to earn Silver

2.) Market analyst – fill up a simple poll and earn Silver

3.) Fashion Critique – Vote on player's looks and earn Silver.

4.) Social media Expert – Share your look every day and earn Coins

5.) Brand Promotion Manager – Refer a friend and you both earn Coins



  • How do u earn xp ingame?

By submitting looks and finishing challenges in Style and Story game modes.


  • How do I follow a friend?

On your profile page, click on the search icon in the top right corner of the screen to search for other users. Once you find other users, then click on the follow button next to their username and avatar or go on their profile and click the follow button there.


  • Where can I see my rewards?

You can see your results and rewards in your Inbox in Profile.



  • Where can I find the history of my challenges?

You can find your history under „Latest style rewards” located in the Profile tab.



  • How do I change my Username and Profile Image?

To change your profile image or profile name, tap the profile button in the main menu and then tap 3 dots in the top right corner. Here you can change your name and profile image.

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